With Coach Hamish, you’ll always know exactly what you’re getting but as an overview, here are some frequent questions.

To get fit you need some form of cardio exercise, this can be high or low impact depending on your specific needs; you may have a health condition or an injury we need to work around. With Coach Hamish’s knowledge and experience in injury and recovery exercises, he will guide you safely and effectively throughout the process.

You will also perform whole body weight calisthenic type exercises with some form of resistance training; this could be free weights, resistance bands or with various other pieces of equipment you may have. Exercises will be adapted to suit you and what you have available, working on functional movement patterns; both standing and on the floor, thus increasing balance, mobility, coordination and of course fitness and health.

Sessions will take place virtually over Zoom (or similar) in the comfort of your own home. Once a month I can, if requested, travel to you to discuss any changes you may have regarding your exercise and nutrition plan, as well as looking at any postural alignment problems to ensure you are using the correct form and technique with all your exercise movements – all to keep you safe, focused and on track – 100% commitment from me to you. 

All fitness exercises can be done just using your own body weight and a training mat. But if you have other equipment, I will show you how to use it safely and effectively in correct form so as not to injure yourself. If you need fitness or training equipment, I can get this for you and help determine what would be best for you.

Absolutely! In fact, I encourage it; it helps with motivation, support and puts a fun element into workouts and can also help with costs.

There must be a minimum of three people in order for me to train you as a group but no more than 6 people – this means I can still keep the personal touch.

If you have any other question or specific needs simply get in touch.