Fitness Training
Fitness Training


Unique training programmes that not only focus on your fitness goals but also on your health and well-being

Looking to take your fitness and training to whole new level? Then my strength and conditioning training programs will help get you there! We will work on making you fitter, stronger and 100% prepared for your sport or an event. My specialty is in boxing and martial arts self-defence training, but I can provide strength and conditioning programs for other sports too. We will chat and discuss your needs; set out a training program and work with you on your diet and nutritional requirements to ensure you reach your optimum performance and peak at the right time.

What is Fighting Fit Optimum Performance Training?

It is a fitness, strength and conditioning programme with built-in boxing and martial arts drills and techniques that gets you into the best fighting fit shape. Tailor made to suit your specific needs, it is aimed to fit in with your lifestyle with thorough guidance on how to work out, how long for, what to eat, how to recover and much more! It is a body transforming plan that helps you get into shape and reach your fitness goals!

How is it done?

It starts with a FREE assessment to give us a chance to get to know one another, to discuss your aims and goals, and to check if you have any present injuries, disabilities, or medical conditions I should know about. We will then adapt the workouts and exercises to suit your needs. Depending on your training experience and what you have done in the past, whether you are a total beginner or have been training for years, you will learn how to position your body with the correct mechanics to move and lift safely and effectively to increase strength and power in your lifting and movement patterns.

What You Will Get with Your 1-1 Online Personal Training Sessions



£ 180
  • 4 x personal training sessions per month


£ 336
  • 8 x personal training sessions per month